Friday, January 14, 2011

Off Season Trips to Europe

One of the many techniques for saving your bucks and arranging an economical trip to Europe is to travel off season. In Europe is usually lies between September and May. This is the time when there are less tourists and therefore the prices in general are not very high. Hotels and airlines have special promotions and prices go very low. 

Traveling during off season has its own advantages. This is the reason why people who want a budget trip to Europe, plan to go during these months. The theory behind these low rates is simple to understand. Fewer tourists will give the traveler a better opportunity to mingle with the locals and see the culture and society in more depth than at times when the cities are flooded with tourists. The environment is a bit more relaxed, attractions and landmarks are easier to access and public transport is not full. 

Of course high season has better weather and gives more opportunities and different entertainment. However, some of the shortcomings can easily be tackled with simple tips and tricks and you can still see an exciting Europe in the off peak months. There is no fun in eating the typical tourist traditional food of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland during the summer season. Why not go for a walk in the dark forest and later take a hot bath in your hotel, while the food is served in your room. 

For the Mediterranean countries, the fall season brings rain. However, considering rain as an issue seems outdated. The cities have found numerous solutions to deal with this problem. In Italy, you will see arcaded streets that prevent you from getting wet whereas the medieval European houses have overhangs. If you still get wet, why not go to a cafĂ© and have a warm cup of coffee and wait for the rain to stop. There are some memorable moments to experience. 

Off season months are those with lower span of sunlight. Try to be optimistic and enjoy strolling in the moonlight with you friends and family. The city centers in Europe are pretty safe and you can easily spend some time with your family at night. You will see many groups strolling on the streets with little consumption of alcohol at times. 

Traveling to Europe can be very exciting, if you plan your trip in the off peak months. You will get to see the real Europe and the real life and the people who live over there. Once it is crowded , you will not find a place to breathe ! 


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